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This song is constantly playing in my head lately (aka I’m too lazy to post an update on my studies ;)) Enjoy.


RTK Status II

Writing all the Kanji of Lessons 1 to 10 again was really helpful to remember the difficult ones and I will do the same for the next lessons after I did the second review.

Speaking of next lessons. Yesterday I finished lesson 11 and 12 which also means that I finished Part 1 of the book. My next goal for this week is to get Lesson 13-15 done (76 Kanji)

There’s only one problem I have with the stories of Heisig. Sometimes the story is perfect to a certain point but he continues it adding other elements to it which have noting to do with either the Kanji or the meaning. An example would be the story for 介 (jammed in). It makes perfect sense that the stick is jammed into an umbrella but why does he continue to add something with a restaurant? Keep it simple!

RTK Status

Yesterday I finished lesson 10 of Remembering the Kanji and successfully reviewed all items for the first time, which means I learned 234 Kanji so far.

Unfortunately I still have problems with a few and Heisig suggests in the beginning of lesson 11 to repeat the lessons until every Kanji can be remembered correctly, which includes the meaning and the stroke order.

What I skipped for all the lessons, maybe because I just continued where I left, was the writing of the characters so my plan is now to repeat all 234 Kanji and write down each one of them once. I believe this will make it a bit easier to remember them, especially the ones which are similar.

New Milestone

I learnt the 100th Kanji of RtK1 a few days ago .. Hooray🙂 By learnt I mean reviewing it correctly twice or more.

Today I added the Kanji to frame 145 and my new goal is to make it to 200 of course.

Remembering the Kanji 1

I also started again with Remembering the Kanji 1 by J.W. Heisig and learned 100 Kanji now (hooray).

I decided to do this because

a) I have enough time on the train to/from work where I don’t have other resources available. This way I can theoretically learn for 3 hours per day!

b) After reading many forum posts, especially on the Reviewing the Kanji board (they’re a bit biased I know) it seems that learning the meaning of the Kanji is extremely helpful for future studies. I know that there are many other people who say that learning with RtK first is a waste of time but I go along with what feels right to me. the worst that could happen is that I end up knowing the meaning of 2042 Kanji!

To break it down this is the way I learn at the moment.

– Learn the meaning of 5 new Kanji

– Head over to Reviewing the Kanji (link) and add those to my study list.

– Do stuff not Kanji related (like writing this post)

– Go back to Reviewing the Kanji and review the 5 new items.

– Review all other items available

– Start at step 1

Of course I can’t do those steps on the train so I just review the Kanji from the current chapter directly from the book. Then I learn some new ones which I add to my study list when I arrive at work or at home and review them directly.


I finally feel very confident recognizing Hiragana and Katakana. I wouldn’t say that I mastered it because I still have to think about some of them but I don’t need to look them up anymore (ン and ソ, ツ and シ are still very confusing but I get )

I worked with the following resources:

  • Drag and Drop Hiragana/Katakana (link, access both tests via the menu on the left hand side). The goal is to drag and drop all characters into the empty chart. I managed to get both done in under 2 minutes🙂
  • RealKana (link) which is a flash card game. I found it very helpful to choose the different writing styles for the characters instead of just learning with a clean, easy to read style.
  • Anki with the provided decks by Textfugu. I changed the settings of Anki so that I have to type the answers and not only think about the right one.

Update – New Pages

I’ve updated the DSF Page (done so far) and added two new ones showing my milestones and my current goals.

You can find them on top of the page just below the header. Hope you like it.

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